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Amy DeLuca

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First Appearance
Last Appearance
Maria DeLuca (daughter), Sean DeLuca (nephew)
Job (s)
Selling t-shirts, organizing events
Portrayed By:

Amy DeLuca is the single mother of Maria DeLuca, and the love interest of Jim Valenti, whom she first met at a protest to protect Native American architecture, when he arrested her. He later revealed, that he only arrested her because she was the only one he really noticed, and because she was cute. It is loudly implied that Amy had a rebellious streak as a teenager, and that's how she wound up being a mother at such a young age. She got caught in a whirlwind romance with a man who was no good for her, Maria's father, and she says that she doesn't regret a minute of it, because she wound up with her.

Amy is trying desperately to make ends meet, and does just about any job she possibly can to help. She has a sometimes sketchy relationship with her daughter, when confronted with the issue of romance, because Maria doesn't think she deserves to tell her what she can and cannot do due to all the mistakes she made when she was younger.

Jim and Amy had a relationship for a brief time, but they break things off after Amy decides it might just be another mistake.

Tess Harding invites Amy over for Christmas dinner, and Jim and Amy seem to strike things up again because later Maria and Kyle are seen talking about how embarassing it is that they are always making out at every opportunity. Although things were never made official.

Later, Amy takes in Sean DeLuca, her nephew, when he gets out of prison.

Amy is very protective of Maria, and makes a very concious effort to keep her and her friends safe when given the opportunity. So in How the Other Half Lives, when Maria and Michael take off, Amy gives Michael a rather unyielding lecture about how he is to treat her daughter on this trip, but does nothing to stop it because she knows she can.

When Alex Whitman dies, and Maria finds it all rather hard to handle, she tries her best to take care of her but finds that she too is rather devastated. During this time period, Michael more or less moves in with them and caters to their every need. Amy begins to approve of Michael then, telling him that she is glad to see her daughter being so loved.

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