Blind Date is the 14th episode of Season 1 on WB sci-fi series Roswell.


Maria signs Liz up for a radio station's blind date contest, and the poor girl wins. The radio station ask her to describe her dream man, and deliver a college student from out of town. Their date is conducted in the full glare of the media, and neither are particularly pleased. Meanwhile, Kyle comiserates with Max, and offers him a sip from his hip flask. Max doesn't normally drink, he says... and it turns out that his alien metabolism doesn't handle it at all well. Kyle and Max break into Liz's bedroom, where they are found by Liz, her date... and the radio station people. Much hilarity ensues.


Wanting to help her get over her feelings for Max, Maria enters Liz in a blind date radio contest. Liz wins the contest, and wanting a normal life agrees to go on the date. Unable to forget his feelings for Liz, Max is peer pressured into drinking by Kyle. Max, who has never taken a drink before, becomes drunk with one sip. Max and Kyle bond, as they discuss how each of them can't seem to get over their feelings for Liz. Max and Kyle follow Liz on her date. Still drunk, Max publicly professes the way he feels for Liz. Max then kisses Liz, which instantly sobers him up. Liz asks Max if he meant everything he told her, and Max claims he can't remember what he said.

Meanwhile, Alex's band wins a part in the radio contest. When their lead singer becomes ill, Maria persuades Alex to let her sing lead. Maria soon realizes she must overcome a sudden case of stage fright in order to perform. Tried of waiting for Max, Michael tells Isabel he's going to search for Nasedo on his own. Worried that Michael might get in trouble, Isabel agrees to join him. Together, they discover they can send a signal to contact Nasedo. Just after they leave, believing their signal was unsuccessful, a shadowy figure appears before the signal and reignites it. Nasedo is in Roswell.


  • Maria talks her way into being the singer in Alex's band
  • This marks something of a turning point, where Kyle and Max begin to be less adversarial.