Ch-Ch-Changes is the 12th episode of Season 3 on UPN sci-fi series Roswell.


Liz and Kyle go to a bar where Maria is performing with Jim and his band. Max turns up and dances with Liz, who is feeling ill. Neither of them notice a plate become burning hot after she touches it. After the set, Maria and Jim are approached by a record agent, Dominique Lazar, who has no interest in Jim but thinks Maria has talent.

Liz returns home and is met by Jeff, who is concerned by her grades slipping. Next day, Max has to wake Liz when she falls asleep in Seligman's class. Liz looks in the mirror and sees her face disappear in her reflection. She visits Doctor Franks and keep losing her hearing while he speaks. He asks her if she is sexually active, which she denies, saying you can catch something from someone you love. She goes to see Kyle and tells him she thinks she is developing alien powers as a result of Max healing her. Kyle is initially dismissive but then she manages to turn a stereo on just by touching it. She wants to keep it from Max.

Maria goes to see Michael and tells him about Dominique's offer to help her record a demo. They end up having celebratory sex, which leaves Maria slightly worried that Michael thinks they are getting back together. When Liz sees how excited she is, she doesn't tell her about her problems. Jim also wishes her luck. Maria goes to record the demo with Dominique; Michael turns up afterwards and is shocked to hear Dominique intends to take her to New York. He tries to convince her to let Jesse check the contract but backs off when he discovers sleeping together didn't change anything.

Max helps Liz prepare for an interview for a place at Harvard. She accidentally sets her books on fire and has to admit that she's developing powers. She goes to her interview with George Winker but is unable to keep her concentration and ends up walking out. Max enlists Michael's help to dig up the alien artifacts they buried in the desert, hoping to find something that will help Liz. Michael is initially angry that Max is willing to expose them all in the process but helps when Max points out Liz has never let them down.

Max finds Liz with Kyle; her hands are now sparking with uncontrolled energy. They take her out into the desert, where Max intends to use healing stones to increase his powers and force whatever is inside Liz out of her. He uses his powers on her, causing her to crackle with energy and levitate, but all it does is cause her pain and Kyle has to step in and stop him hurting her further. Liz's bitterness about Max sleeping with Tess spills out and Kyle takes her home.

Maria meets Dominique and producer Adam Chase and is upset to learn they have completely re-edited her song, turning it from a love ballad to a dance track. She goes to see Michael, saying he was right, but Michael refuses to ask her not to go and also tells her what's going on with Liz. Maria goes to see Liz, who encourages her to follow her dream, even if she has to compromise in the process.

Max goes to see Liz, suggesting they go and see Langley for help, but Liz refuses; his touch still hurts her and she tells him to leave. Liz tells Jeff she wants to go to the boarding school he was looking at before. She leaves town, leaving behind a note for Max saying she needs to be normal for a while.