Everett Hubble is a guest character on Season 1 of WB sci-fi series Roswell. He is portrayed by


Hubble is a known alien hunter, who was present at a 1972 murder near a silo in Roswell. Gone radio silent for 30 years following the 1972 murder, Hubble resurfaces in Roswell at the 2000 UFO Convention to investigate the recent events. It turns out that Hubble's wife and unborn child were murdered by Nasedo in 1970, one Everett and Hubble's 1 year wedding anniversary and Hubble spent his life tracking Nasedo, to kill him for ruining his life. Hubble becomes convinced that Max is Nasedo and attempts to kill him, but Valenti arrives on the scene in time and shoots Hubble to protect Max.


  • Sheila was 3 months pregnant with a girl when she was killed
  • Valenti kills Hubble.