Future Max is the older version of Max Evans sent back in time from the year 2014 to prevent an apocalyptic event known as "the Fall".

Series arc

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In this Max's timeline, Max and Liz skipped the Gomez concert in Santa Fe to consummate their relationship. From then on, the two were inseparable. Even the machinations of Tess Harding could not keep Max and Liz apart. Eventually Tess left Roswell, never to return, taking with her her unique abilities as a member of the Royal Four.

In 2002, Max and Liz eloped. They met Maria, Michael, Isabel, Kyle, and Alex at a dive bar outside Phoenix. Max and Liz danced to "I Shall Believe" by Sheryl Crow. At some point, the enemies of the Royal Four caught up with them. Without the presence of Tess and her unique powers during a crucial confrontation, this led to the Fall. With the help of Liz's best friend Serena, Max and Liz launched a desperate plan to use the powerful Granilith as a time machine to alter past events to prevent the Fall.

Weeks before the Fall, Isabel died. 25 minutes before the Fall, Michael died in Max's arms. Max and Liz reached the Granilth Chamber just in time to send Max back. In the year 2000, Max appeared on the Crashdown's rooftop, just outside Liz's room. Explaining the situation to Liz, the future Max formulated a plan to make the younger version of himself fall out of love with Liz, thereby giving Tess a reason to stay in Roswell. The plan suceeded, and Liz and Future Max shared a last dance together as "I Shall Believe" played. Future Max spun Liz, who looked back to find that Future Max had vanished.


  • This is one of two Roswell episodes to feature time travel. The other is Wipeout!.
  • As of 2002 in Future Max's timeline, Alex Whitman is still alive. Alex also manages to survive well past his death in the TV series in the Roswell novel, Loose Ends.
  • Dialogue between Liz and Future Max imply that Future Max will cease to exist if all goes according to plan.