I Married An Alien is the 11th episode of Season 3 on WB sci-fi series Roswell.


Isabel shoos Jesse out of the apartment as Max and Michael arrive to do the painting...which consists of using their powers to change the colour of the walls. Michael finds a Bewitched marathon on television and Isabel comments on how Samantha had the advantage of her husband knowing about her powers. She imagines a sitcom opening, with a cartoon of her, Max and Michael arriving on Earth, them quickly finding girlfriends and her marrying Jesse.

In the sitcom fantasy, Isabel finds the house messy on getting up and uses her powers to levitate empty bottles into bins (with very obvious wires, and lots of applause and laughter from the audience). In reality, she fails to cook Jesse a decent breakfast before sending him off to work. The sitcom version has Kyle (portrayed as a shifty grease monkey) asking Isabel to help him make a new carburettor as part of a get-rich-quick-scheme and Maria (portrayed as a hippy chick) complaining about Michael being away on Neptune. In reality, Kyle just wants Isabel to fix a part while Maria is worried about having a birthday dinner with Michael (which could lead to ex sex) and tries to get Isabel to re-style her hair. In both versions, an old college friend of Jesse's, Eric Hughes, turns up and concerns everyone by revealing he is a reporter. He and Jesse stay up during the night catching up, with Jesse commenting on a few weird things Max and Isabel have done, such as Max healing his nose before the wedding and Isabel fixing an ice mixer with a touch.

Next morning, Max and Michael argue about Michael constantly watching TV and wallowing, and their turning it on and off with their powers causes it to blow up. Max goes round to see Isabel and meets Eric. In the sitcom version, Max, who is portrayed as rather stiff and arrogant, turns Eric into a dog temporarily and reveals he has parked his flying saucer in their basement. In reality, Max and Isabel go to the Crashdown for breakfast and Isabel asks him and Liz about the possibility of telling Jesse the truth. In the sitcom, Liz is a doe-eyed waitress who is nervous around Max. Jeff is portrayed as a grumpy father who threatens Max with a meat cleaver, only for Max to turn it into flowers.

Jesse, Eric and Philip play golf together and run into Michael, who has wandered onto the course in an attempt to keep occupied. They get him to join them. Michael loses his ball in the long grass and tells the others to carry on. Eric sneaks off into the trees to smoke a joint and sees Michael use his powers to move some trees out of the way. He relays the incident to Jesse, who thinks Eric was just stoned. Eric however can see a tabloid story in it, which leaves Isabel concerned.

Both real and sitcom versions of Isabel phone their respective Michaels simultaneously. Afterwards, they meet Jesse and Eric at the Crashdown. (In the sitcom version, Eric is using an old-fashioned typewriter.) Eric lets slip that Jesse used to smoke pot in college and Michael uses his powers to destroy his laptop. Isabel tells Jesse that the fact she and Max were abandoned in the desert has always been painful to her and gets him to ask Eric to stop the story. Eric agrees but then looks at the law firm's records on Michael's emancipation and meets with his old social worker. She recalls Michael's foster father reporting that he'd levitated a table, which was dismissed because he was known to drink. She also reveals Michael was found in the desert just a week after Max and Isabel.

Eric tells Jesse a source put him onto the social worker and he plans to write a tabloid story about Max, Michael and Isabel being the Roswell aliens. (In the sitcom, Eric bursts in on Jesse and Isabel after finding the spaceship.) Jesse mentions it to Isabel, briefly wondering about the hallucinogenic nature of their sex, but laughs it off. In the sitcom version, they are sleeping in separate beds...but Isabel uses her powers to vanish the bedside table between them and push the beds together.

Max and Isabel are concerned that even a tabloid story will draw attention. Philip and Jesse find Michael's file missing and Jesse realises Eric stole it. He presents Eric with an injunction barring him from using the information he gleaned in a story and orders him out of the house. The fact that he can't forgive Eric for lying to him makes Isabel uncomfortable. In the sitcom, Isabel turns Eric into a parrot and takes him to the pet shop.

Isabel reports to Max and Michael. Max acknowledges this is the second time Jesse has saved them without even knowing but Isabel is no longer keen to tell him, feeling he'd never be able to forget that she lied to him. In the sitcom, a speech from Max about their superiority to humans is interrupted by Michael finding his yo-yos in the spaceship's workings. In reality, Isabel tells Jesse she's sorry about Eric but he says she's all he opinion echoed by their sitcom counterparts.