John Stevens


Employment - FBI Special Agent in the Special Unit

Family – 

Wife - no name given Death Date - 2000 Killed by Daniel Pierce

Home Address - 6025 Murray Lane, Alexandria, VA 222313

(Valenti had 6 #s in the zip in his file) (coincidentally, this is also the same address where Max tells Pierce he lives, but in Roswell of course)

Phone - 703-555-0165

FBI Address -

106 Hudson Ave, NW #3865, Washington, DC 20001
Phone - 202-555-0197 

Agent Stevens comes to Roswell because Sheriff Valenti called him when he found Liz’s Crashdown uniform with the bullet hole in it, in the ‘Pilot’.

Stevens takes the dress to be analyzed, and tells Valenti there was nothing but ketchup on it, but in the episode ‘The Morning After’ he seizes all of the Sheriff’s files.

Stevens is in the Special Unit. He assigned Kathlene Topolsky to go undercover and make contact with ‘the subject’ – Max.

In the episode ‘River Dog’ Stephens also orders Topolsky to get the files that Max, Isabel, Maria, Michael & Liz recovered at James Atherton’s house.

Later in the episode ‘Crazy’, Topolsky tells Sheriff Valenti that Stevens tried to leave the Special Unit but Agent Pierce wouldn’t let him, and made an example of him, piece by Pierce.

In the SHP, we learn that Stephens was the head of the Special Unit. 

He replaced Agent Daniel Sommers in 1999 after Sommers was killed. In 2000, Pierce led a coup and killed Stephens when he tried to leave the unit.

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