Kal Langley, shape-shifter and protector of the Royal Four.


Langley came on the ship with the Royal Four programed to protect them. He can't feel and taste like the Royal four can. After not shape-shifting for many years he was able to taste lemons and later a few other strong flavors. If he shape-shifts he will lose this ability.

Meeting With Max

When Langley and Max first meet face-to-face Langley tries to kill max by setting a building on fire. But he puts the fire out since he can not kill Max. Max gets off the plane Langley had his men put him on and surprises Langley when he shows up at a party. Max presents a plot line for a new movie; an alien stranded on earth who needs the help of another alien to get home.

After the party Langley once again tries to kill Max, but Max realizes that Langley can't since he is programed to protect him. Not kill him. Later, Max, tells Langley to hand his phone over and Langley hands it over, trying to act like he is giving it to him as a gift. A little later Max tells Langley to get him ice-cream, and Max realizes that Langley must follow his direct order. And this is confirmed when max tells Langley to "stop" as he is walking away, and Langley immediately obeys Max's order.

After Max understands this, he orders Langley to help him find their spaceship. Langley follows orders again and helps him locate it to a military base. Langley and Max find the ship and Max orders Langley to pilot the ship, which means he has to shape-shift. Langley reminds Max about what will happen if he shape-shifts, but Max ignores him. Langley reluctantly follows orders again and boards the ship.

The ship fails to take off and Langley is weakened by it. After Max takes him home he tells Max he may have been programmed to follow his orders, but he will always hate him. Then he tells Max to go home.

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