Pierce injects Max Evans with a serum that suppresses the neurotransmitters in his cerebral cortex, preventing Max from using his powers to escape from the White Room. Pierce claims that this part of the brain is the source of most of Max's alien powers.

Nasedo tells Michael Guerin that everything they can do is human, just 1000 years ahead of the rest of mankind. When the hybrid version of the Royal Four were engineered, they were given the capacity to do everything the human brain is capable of. Nasedo warns Michael that the Royal Four's ability to manipulate molecular structures comes with many limitations:

  • Inabilty to affect heavy metals, such as deuterium.[1]
  • Vulnerability to the effects of the Trithium Amplification Generator.[2]
  • Max requires eye contact to heal Liz Parker's fatal gunshot wound.[3]
  • Max cannot use his powers to stop someone from dying a natural death.[4]


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