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"It's September 24th, I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died"
―Liz writing in her diary[src]

Liz Parker is a main character on WB sci-fi series Roswell. She is portrayed by Shiri Appleby.


Liz Parker-Evans attended Roswell High School. Her favorite subject was science and her two best friends were Alex Whitman and Maria DeLuca. She was dating Kyle Valenti, but broke up with him and engaged in a dramatic relationship with Max Evans, which resulted in marriage.

Season 1Edit

While Liz was working at her parents' Crashdown Cafe one day, she was shot accidentally by two men who were having an argument. When Max Evans saved her life by healing her gunshot wound her life was changed forever. He put his hand over her wound and miraculously made the wound and the bullet disappear. Realizing that there was something incredibly amazing about Max, she decided to investigate. She took Max's pencil, which Max had been chewing on, placed the saliva collected from the pencil tip on a slide and examined the slide through a microscope and she could see that his cells were not human. When she confronted Max about everything that had happened to her and his alien cells, Max confessed to her that he was an alien that had been on the "supposed" alien craft that had crashed in 1947 in Roswell.

With growing suspicion coming from the local sheriff, she devised a plan to throw him off Max's scent. She was successful and the sheriff, though still cautious and wary of Max, let him go. After this incident she started developing deep feelings for Max, even though at the time she was dating Kyle Valenti, the Sherriff’s son. For a while she lied to her friends Alex and Maria, but eventually Maria confronted Liz about what was going on. She eventually relented to Maria's questions and told her all she knew about Max, Isabel and Michael. Kyle Valenti grew ever jealous of the growing relationship between her and Max, and a group of his friends beat Max up. She broke up with Kyle in response to this and this caused a rift between the two of them. However her relationship with Max grew very strong and she found herself falling in love with him. An incident involving Michael Guerin however scared Max away, as he realized that he didn't want to hurt Liz in any way. He was an alien and didn't know what was going to happen to him or who would be coming after him; he wanted her to be safe.

However, they ended up getting together and falling in love. Max, as an alien, had a profound effect on her and when they kissed Liz often got images of Max's past, which helped Max, Michael and Isabel discover a communication orb. This didn't last long though, as Tess Harding arrived in Roswell and began to influence Max in a strange way. Liz saw Max and Tess kiss and was heartbroken, but after hearing Max out she believed Tess could be the mysterious Nasedo and was influencing Max's thoughts by making him hallucinate. She forgave him but was always threatened by Tess, even when they found out that she was an alien hybrid just like Max, Michael and Isabel.

Feeling that Liz was a threat to his plans, Nasedo shape-shifted into Max and took Liz. When she kissed him, she realized he was not Max because she had visions of his past. Max, worried about Liz and what Nasedo would do, went after them. Maria and Alex (as the gang had planned) told Sheriff Valenti that they were worried because Liz was with Max and that Liz had called claiming that she was scared because Max was acting weird. This was done in order to try to find Liz faster. They were found in a theme park. In the House of Mirrors, Max was grabbed by the FBI and Nasedo grabbed Liz. She kissed him, happy because they had escaped, and again realized that he was Nasedo when she got images from his past. She was deeply heartbroken when Max was abducted by the FBI and had to tell the news to Michael and Isabel. With the help of Nasedo, the gang saved Max from the FBI. Liz and Max had to run through the desert to escape them and while hiding put in a junkyard, she and Max said that they loved each other for the first time.

In the season finale, she went with Max to the rock formation that had been disguised as the alien craft that had crashed. It was then when Max's destiny was revealed to him. Realizing the importance of Max to his race, she decided to break up with him so he could fulfill his destiny. She ran home heartbroken.

Season 2Edit

At the start of season two we find out that Liz has been away for the summer and that she has a new job working for Congresswoman Vanessa Whitaker, who later turns out to be a Skin, an enemy of Max and the others. Her relationship with Max is difficult; she still has feelings for him, and he for her, but she still feels that there is a huge obstacle in the way of their relationship. Max tells her that he won't give up on her and will try everything he can to be with her. She still fiercely dislikes Tess, though they get along well enough to occasionally have a conversation.

In one episode she is asked by a future version of Max to help him try to get the modern-day Max to fall out of love with her. Future Max claims that if they don't, the world will end and they will all die. Shocked and disbelieving this announcement she only accepts it when Future Max predicts that Max will turn up with a mariachi band and sing a love song for her. When this transpires she agrees to help Future Max. She tries to get Tess to help by attracting Max towards her but it fails when Max catches Liz watching. Liz at the end has to resort to making Max think that she slept with Kyle. This succeeds; as Max walks to the window he sees Liz talking with Kyle in bed, which breaks Max's heart. Liz has one last dance to her future wedding song, "I Shall Believe" with the Future Max, but he disappears as the future has been changed and so he no longer exists.

She attracts the attention of Maria's cousin, and they have a few dates, but nothing serious comes out of it. She is left devastated when she hears that Alex has died in a car crash. She visits the destroyed car that Alex was driving and finds a picture of Alex and a girl he met in Sweden, but his head was cut off in the picture. This leads her to suspect that Alex was murdered, and she begins to try and find the supposed truth by asking the last person who saw him what Alex had said to him. At the funeral gathering in Alex's home she accuses an alien of killing Alex. This deeply offends Max and the others, more so Isabel who had grown close to Alex. This creates a "them vs. us" scenario and the whole future of the formerly tight group looks bleak. She decides to go to Sweden to find the people that Alex was staying with, but she receives a call from the Swedish government claiming that the family that Alex had stayed with didn't exist. She comes to the conclusion that Alex never went to Sweden. Her investigations lead her, Maria, and Michael to Las Cruces University. They discover that Alex had been working there on a translation program for the alien book that was given to Max and the others. Liz sees the girl with Alex in the photo at a Nelly Furtado concert but loses her in the crowd.

She goes back home to Roswell, and she finds out that Max had been with Tess and she is now pregnant, and also that he had to leave Earth and go back home. He had to do this because the baby was dying, as he could not survive in the Earth's environment. Max also asked her about the girl at Las Cruces. Wanting to know why he was asking, she learned that Max suspected the girl to be an alien and that he had to kill her to stop her being a threat. She asked if she could go with him to witness it, and he agreed, but as Max was about to commit the act, Liz realized that the girl was human; she saved the girl from the fire that Max had caused. They headed home confused because they did not know who had killed Alex and it now looked like they would never know. Max eventually discovered the truth about Kyle and he said that still loved only her and what he felt for Tess was only care, that he wanted things different but he had to said his goodbyes because he had a duty for his own baby and he didn't have another choice other than to save him. He was trapped. So they shared a passionate last kiss and when Liz couldn't see him, the boy did break down in tears.

Liz went to Maria's cousin Sean, and declared that Max had broken her heart but she realized that it wasn't Sean's fault and she couldn't use him as Max's replacement.

During the day the aliens had planned to leave, Liz, Maria, Sean. and Kyle were at the Crashdown Cafe talking. Maria and Liz noticed that Kyle kept tapping the table in a peculiar sort of way. When they mentioned this, he said that he had no control over it and didn't even know he was doing it. They went back to Maria's and found her mom remembering about a hostage situation that they had been in. Tess had used an alien power to blank her memory. They confronted Maria's mother and she appeared fine and seemed to forget again. But she then started to tap the side the same way that Kyle had done earlier on in the day. Liz remembered that Alex used to tap the bass guitar when she was with him also the same way and she realized that this wasn't a coincidence. They confronted Kyle and told him to look around the room to see if anything would jerk his memory. When he looks in the mirror, he remembers that Tess killed Alex and that he had carried the body to the car. She and Maria went to the rocks that were disguised as the ship and managed to tell Michael, who had decided to stay on Earth, that Tess was the killer. Max confronted Tess and realized that it was all a setup and that the baby was a part of the plan too. Kivar wasn't Tess and Nacedo's enemy. The truth is that 40 years ago Nasedo had made a deal with Kivar: go home to Antar, delivering Max and his friends to him (that would have killed them) and carry Max's heir too in the process.

Angry, Max wanted to kill her but then he realized that she was still carrying his own son so he did let her go in order to save the baby. He regrouped with Liz and the others on the mountainside. Max then told Liz that he was wrong about many things but not about her, that he loves her, and will always love her, they embrace and the season ends with Max saying that he must save his son.

Season 3Edit


Season 3 Promotion shot of Liz Parker (Shiri Appleby)

At the start of season three we can only see flashes of some moments of the summer when Liz and Max reconcile in order to understand what happened after departure and what brought them to "busted" and then together again. They arrange to go out on a date, a way to start things over from the beginning. They are on their date when Max decides to go skinny dipping. As Liz is about to join him, Max gets a vision from his son and begins to drown. Liz saves him. Max realizes that his son is in trouble. They search for a ship that they believe is held in a storage facility in the basement of a convenience store in Salina, Utah. Liz and Max come up with a plan to hold up the store and when Liz is holding the shop clerk hostage, Max will go down and check to see if the ship is there. Max gives Liz a gun and they hold up the convenience store, Max finds that there is a ship and that it is still working, but his time is cut short as the police arrive. They try to escape, but they fail. They are caught after a police chase, and both are arrested and held in the local jail. Max is let out after the police find that nothing was taken from the shop. They couldn't find the weapon, but due to a witness seeing Liz with the gun, Liz is kept in jail and is awaiting court.

She gets saved by Max, as he is able to bribe the FBI into pulling some strings and getting the case dropped. However Liz's panic-stricken father forbids her to see Max, and bans Max from coming into the Crashdown Cafe. She defiantly breaks the rule, and upsets her father on numerous occasions. The reason that her father bans Max, apart from the obvious of getting his only daughter in a whole lot of trouble, is that her father was a wild teenager, and his high school sweetheart had died in a car crash because of his drunk driving. Realizing this after her mother tells her, her whole attitude towards him changes and they begin to reconcile their differences.

Even if Tess' fiasco still did hurt her, Liz takes the responsibility of her own mistakes and how it wasn't only Max's fault if things went that way. She and Max love each other and they don't want to give up on their love no matter what. She understands that Max does need her so she stands by him trying to help him, putting herself in danger, finding and saving a baby that wasn't even hers. Thinking about Max's serious problem, she does put away her inner feelings for most of the season, giving him her support, but then she begins to suffer some side effects towards Max's touch. Whenever Max touches her, a spark appears on her body and causes her pain. This scared her, as she realizes that when Max healed her in the pilot episode, saving her life, he changed her and they don't know if she is safe or not. Max is scared for her, he even wanted to contact the FBI, the same people that tortured him in the end of season one, in order to find a way to keep her safe and know what was happening to her. He realizes that what happened with Tess was still hurting Liz and they need to talk about it. But Liz realizes that she needs a little time alone away from Roswell and Max in order to find her balance again and give their love another chance. She decides that she wants to leave Roswell temporarily, so that she can get better and understand what is happening to her, not only the alien aspect but the confusion about her life too. This is much to Max’s heartache, who respected her decision, waiting for her in Roswell. She goes to an all-girl boarding school known as the Winnaman Academy to start fresh.

However it is not long before her life in Roswell catches up with her. While sleeping, she realizes through a dream that Max has died. She just felt it inside her and she has no doubts about it, Maria's confirmation or not. She is heartbroken and decides to drown her sorrows with alcohol. While drunk she sees Max (whose body has been taken over by a dying millionaire named Clayton Wheeler that wanted to kill her because Max's soul was still alive in him only for her and his memories about her that Clayton got), she tells Maria who doesn't believe her. But they are both in shock when Max (possessed by Clayton) comes to kill Liz as she is all he thinks about. They are both falling from the top of a building when Max regains control and he saves Liz's life by putting a force field in her path to break her fall. But, realizing that Clayton would kill her, he did let himself hit the ground; he sacrifices his life for her. When Liz wakes up she realizes that Max has died, there was no heartbeat and no breath from him, so she kisses him with a desperate goodbye. Believing Max to be still dead, Liz is shocked as he wakes up and appears to come back to life. They realize that Liz has saved Max's life making him come back with a kiss. We don't how it happened but now they're even.

Back in Roswell, Max and Liz are shocked when Tess appears with Max's baby. Tess had to return because Kivar betrayed her trying to kill the baby because he was fully human, as it was the human parts of Max and Tess that made him. Max discovered that the baby was always fine and his sickness was another lie too. The baby wasn't sick on Earth, this was just another mindwarp by Tess in order to force Max' return to Antar. She had crash-landed on earth, and had slaughtered everyone around her ship at the air base. Tess was now being hunted by the whole army in Roswell, and so was her child. Max&Co start a vote in order to decide if they should deliver Tess to the FBI or not since it was her fault they were suddenly all in danger again. But in the end Liz's final vote is a NO because she never wanted to be a killer like her and she couldn't deliver her to the FBI that would have done to her what they did to Max in the end of season 1.

In the night Tess realizes that the only way to save her son was to destroy the base with all the proofs and kill herself in the process. So, amazed at how Liz didn't vote against her, she asks for her help, trusting only her in the group. She understands her mistakes and she tells Liz that Max always loved only her and all the times that she and Max were together she always got flashes of Liz in his mind (confirming another time an idea that we got in "departure" too) Liz appreciates her sincerity and she asks her to not let FBI study her like a laboratory animal.

After Tess' death Max decides to give up his child for adoption so he could have a safe normal life since the baby is totally human. A life that with his father he will never have. The decision destroys Max's heart but Liz comforts and supports him letting him cry in her arms.

Later Liz realizes that she now has a power: to see the future. When she touches Max she has visions that they are all going to die, and they all come to the conclusion that they would all have to leave Roswell separately. But Max proposes her making the choice to be with her even if they had only 12 days. They all attend their graduation and leave Roswell that night. Liz marries Max and her last words of the show are:

"I'm Liz Parker, and I am happy"


To move objects without touching them
reverse damage to a persons body
Able to see the future
Molecular Combustion
speed up molecules to a point where they combust
able to create and possibly control fire

Species: Possibly a new member of royal four (Tess's death)

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