"What's so great about normal?"
―'Drunk' Max to Liz[src]

Max Evans is a main character on WB sci-fi series Roswell. He is portrayed by Jason Behr.


Max is a brooding, intense guy, struggling under the weight of his secret that he is not really from this world. Harboring a lifelong crush on Liz Parker, Max tries to balance a life as a "normal" teenager with his responsibility to his family – Isabel and Michael. The former King Zan of Antar, Max is an alien-hybrid and part of The Royal Four.


In Max's previous existence, before becoming Max Evans, he was Zan, King of Antar. Michael was his second in command and Tess was his wife. During Zan's existence, Vilandra, Isabel's former self, betrays Zan, by siding with Kivar his enemy but later on in season 3 Michael remembers that kivar had said to her nobody would get hurt but he had lied. This cost the lives of most of the Antarians, including The Royal Four.


The ship carrying the biological clones, Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The army took the alien craft and took it to study. The four clones are saved by a US Air Force pilot and hidden from sight in a new ship, hidden in the center of a rock formation. Although, the clones do not emerge until forty years later in 1989. However, only Max, Isabel and Michael leave the ship together, disguised as human children. The three are left with no memories of their former loves on Antar, nor does the fourt., Tessa, whom did not emerge with the other three. Instead, she is rescued by an Anatarian, who wants something from her. Max and Isabel are found wondering together and are both adopted by a couple of lawyers, The Evans. Leaving Michael alone and without a family.


  • Leptokinesis - The ability to manipulate the molecular structure.
  • Healing  - The ability to restore somebody to full health, this ability is uniqe to Max
  • Force Field - The ability to project a green shield to protect ones self, this ability is unique to Max
  • Soul Projection - The ability to project ones soul from their body, this ability is unique to Max


Max Evans/Gallery


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