Max To The Max is the 20th episode of Season 1 on WB sci-fi series Roswell.


Max To The Max/Recap


With Tess's help, Max, Isabel and Michael discover the pod chamber where they were born. They realize their destiny has been predetermined when they view the book from Tess, which contains pairings of Michael with Isabel, and Max with Tess. They also realize they were engineered, and not born as they thought. Tess then reveals Nasedo is there to protect them from the alien hunter, Pierce, they now know is out there. Wanting to flush out Pierce, Nasedo takes the form of Max and kidnaps Liz. Once on the road, Nasedo-Max leaves clues as to where he can be found. Liz soon realizes the man she's with is not the real Max. Max goes after Nasedo-Max not trusting he won't hurt Liz in his quest to draw out Agent Pierce. Max follows their clues to a carnival outside of Roswell.

Frightened for Liz's life, Maria and Alex tell Valenti that Max has kidnapped Liz. Valenti goes after Max, and follows him into a house of mirrors at the carnival. Valenti is then confused when he sees not only FBI agents running around but also two of Max. When Deputy Fisher shows up, he throws off the FBI agents by shooting the glass. Valenti watches as the FBI agents capture Max, while Liz discovers the Max with her is still Nasedo. Later, while watching through a glass mirror, we reveal the alien hunter Agent Pierce is actually Deputy Fisher. Pierce tells his agents they will wait until morning to begin their interrogation of Max.



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