It's December 21st, I'm Liz Parker-Evans. And I could not believe that today is the actual day of The Real End of The World. It was predicted by the Ancient Mayans and their civilizations of their mankind to think their long-counted calendar was suggested to end on this date, in the history of our whole planet from it's early civilization days.

And so it is the actual Doomsday, as the world might fall apart by the Apocalypse. I don't even know of the Mayan people would be right or wrong, as a result of their prediction for more than several centuries ago. I think I have a feeling of my fear as I'm really scared, and my forever best friend Maria said she might be scared, too.

So it is 2012, and I remember it has been over twelve years since Future Max came back from the year 2014. I know it's like about in two years from now, he told me it would be the end of the world for the alien race and for my now Present Day husband of ten years, Max's mankind of his species were about to wipe out in the following two years.

And in honor of today's true end of the world...

I remember when I was heartbroken right after Future Max had to tell me to do one thing for him. He told me to fall out of love with his Present Day self and get him together with my main chief rival Tess, as the only way for me in order to save the world and the rest of his entire race as a hybrid. God, I didn't trust Tess at all, and I never have trusted her. She really was a bad bitch and I ended up losing Max to her by her obsession with him caused by that whole so-called "Destiny" nonsense. She was the one who stole him from me and split us up, meddling in between our relationship with each other. And it wasn't fair he ended up choosing her over me. And she got pregnant with their son Zan with him. Which was before she had to leave Earth and go back to their planet with Zan.

And I had to. I had to do it by his request as he wanted me to. And so I did, but now I'm glad it never happened again just because Max and I were married for a decade now. I know we had so much angst in our relationship many, many times, but now we got over it. And we're still together forever ever since. I still love Max, and we always trusted each other since the day he healed me and saved my life on the day of the shooting at the Crashdown Café. While I was doing my work of waitressing that day, I was shot by two men. And so Max saved my life as a wonderful memory I would never forget.

Now it's been over ten years since the night of the death of my arch rival Tess, so I'm still happy of not having to deal with the gerbil of a blonde, curly-haired evil alien ever again. Especially after her fiasco of everything she had done to make me lose Max to an alien bitch like her. It really was the end of Tess and her own life.

It had been ten years, seven months, and a week after Max and I were married. We were married shortly after our graduation from West Roswell High with Michael, Maria, and Kyle. Well, except for Max's sister Isabel because she is a year older than us; she graduated first the year before the rest of us. And we had to leave town to go on the road during that time.

Anyway, I was saying that this whole Mayan prediction about the real end of the world, unlike Future Max's plan would have happened two years later. It was wrong of those Ancient Mayan people. Maria was always there for me. She found out the world was not going to end today by the apocalypse of catastrophe and disasters as was rumored by the Mayans centuries ago until it was going to happen today. That's what Maria said to me today, the world isn't going to end just like in Future Max's timeline in two years from now. Maria was right, and she proved it to me that the entire world is truly not going to end. And those Mayans were wrong at the time they predicted it. And it's not real. It was fake.

And like I said, Maria was right about it. I heard her words, and she knew it.

The world is not going to end.

Sincerely, Liz Parker-Evans

P.S.: I still miss my late other best friend, Alex everyday. I dedicate my journal entry about the rumored 2012 Doomsday disaster in his memory. I still miss Alex today, he was always best friends with me and Maria. I miss you, Alex. Liz's Diary (GlambertGirl84 edition)

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